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In poor taste

Russ Vaugn sent me this Old War Dogs link:

TIME Magazine, that bastion of objective news reporting, where journalistic ethics are disappearing even faster than their readers (circulation rates down 17.5% in 2007 from the previous year according to Wikipedia) has trashed an American patriotic icon with its latest cover:

The cover is insulting to all American warriors but constitutes absolute sacrilege to one particular branch of American fighting men. TIME’s clueless, liberal editors may have endeared themselves to Al Gore and his Green Lemmings but they have surely incurred the wrath of a far more formidable green organization, the entire present and past United States Marine Corps, the lean, mean Green Machine.

In this confrontation between boneheads and Jarheads, all I can say is Semper Fi!

There was nothing to excerpt from Russ’s Old War Dogs article, so I just repeated it here.  But do go to the original Old War Dogs post because it has more links on this subject.  Also, read the whole Investor’s Business Daily article.  Just to give you an idea of what I call "in poor taste", here the idiotic picture from the Time Magazine:

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