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Helen’s reply

Helen has replied to my open letter, here and here.  In order to avoid being accused of misquoting her, here is her response in full:

Hi Eric, I think you are trying to use me to make a point that isn’t there. I’ve never seen any of these photos before and have nothing to say about them. I’ve made it very clear that I believe the Holocaust was one of the most horrific events in history. Now if that’s anti-Semitic, we have done a 180! Believing that the US needs a different, more just distribution of wealth is not an endorsement of Hitler.

I find your list shallow. And as for etymology, take the word gay. Now there’s a 180! Unless, of course, you think homosexuals are the world’s happiest people.

Now find somebody else to misquote and argue with. I have more important things to do than worry about your misunderstandings of racism in this country. You are so hung up on being Jewish, which is a fine thing to be, that you don’t recognize suffering in others.

Write all the open letters that you want, but this is my final answer. For what I believe, see my blog.
Helen Losse

And having three copies of the same thing on the web won’t make it any more right.

So, nothing to say about those photos?  Helen hasn’t seen the photographs of the Palestinian policemen and Hezbollah rising their right hands in Nazi salute prior to me showing her these photos.  And because of that she has no comments.  That is an iron-clad logic.  Here they are, those pictures, in the post below, 2 of them with working source links!  And she still can’t comment.  To be perfectly honest, I did not expect an instant denunciation of the Palestinians or the leftist support for them.  Something like "Wow!", or "Oh, my God!", or "I am shocked, I did not know!" would have been enough for me.  You know, a mild expression of shock and outrage.  But instead, she has nothing to say.  And because I point out that the islamo-fascists are in fact the modern-day Nazis, because I point out the similarities between the Left and National-Socialism and because I point out the Nazi-like anti-Semitism often found on the Left, because of that I am too hung up on being Jewish.  By the way, to answer another of Helen’s comments, Judaism is a religion, but "a Jew" is an ethnic definition.  Jews have their own language and distinctive physical characteristics, Southern European or Middle Eastern, to be exact.  Thus, in countries like Russia we are quite easily identified by the way we look, for example by my big nose.  So, anti-Semitism of European kind has much more in common with racism than Helen could ever imagine in this great melting pot called America.  But Helen would never know these details, because in a stereotypical leftist fashion she does not want facts to bother her, if those facts contradict her leftist views.  Rather than confronting unpleasant facts, it is much easier to just say: "I have nothing to say".  Dennis Prager often says that being on the Left means that you never have to say "Sorry", or change your views for that matter.  He is right, of course.  After all, if you are on the Left, your intentions are good.  Who cares about facts or results!

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