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Feel-good racism – an answer to a comment

A commenter on the mirror site of this blog expressed a disagreement with my previous post on Feel-good racism.  The comment was polite, but for some reason unsigned, which is very annoying.  Nevertheless, it deserves some answers.

Whenever the subject of racism in America comes up, the Left laments on how bad it is, while the Right points out all the progress in inter-racial relations, while admitting that racism still exists.  So, let’s agree what we call "racism".  If racism means feeling of prejudice on the part of ignorant individuals toward other than their own racial or ethnic groups, then it does exist.  There is no real way to combat this, other than point out the idiocy and irrationality of such prejudice.  But if racism means prejudice practiced by the government or societal institutions, then it most definitely hasn’t been around for many years.  Additionally, if racism is denying privileges or awarding privileges to certain groups based on their racial or ethnic backgrounds, then Affirmative Action is, in fact, racist.

Let’s get back to the subject I am more familiar with because of my own background: anti-Semitism.  There are certainly anti-Semites in this country, plenty of them.  Those who doubt that can go read any of the leftist blogs and find there plenty of ugly Nazi-like comments or posts.  But anti-Semitism as an institutional or government practice does not exist.

The anonymous commenter said something about what Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf.  I doubt very much that he/she ever saw, let alone read Mein Kampf.  For the record, I haven’t read it either.  So, I am not going to attempt to quote from that crap.  But I get very annoyed by people who heard something from somebody and then try to present it as fact.  So, I don’t know what Hitler wrote.  I do know, however, that Jews and Gypsies were targeted for extermination, not immediately after he rose to power, but later during the war.

The anonymous commenter wrote that it does not matter if some Black kids don’t perform in colleges, as long as they have a chance to go to college because of Affirmative Action.  But in fact, it does matter.  Perhaps it would be better if the kids from bad schools were offered preparatory courses in colleges, prior to attending regular classes.  Interestingly enough, there was something like this in the old Soviet Union.  That one of the very few things that were actually good there.  Shortly after the Bolshevik Revolution they instituted so called "workers’ faculties".  They were created precisely in order to prepare those who were underprivileged for college.  My grandpa attended one of those.  Later preparatory courses were offered to those who entered college after military service, since they often forgot the stuff they learned in high school.  The inner city predominantly black schools are worse than suburban schools not because of some racist conspiracy, but simply because of poverty.  I am sure there are predominantly white schools in small Midwestern towns that just as poor.

The Jews never had any Civil Rights movement in this country.  They simply overcame the discrimination based on merits.  The same could be true for the Black people.  Any rational employer will hire the most qualified applicant for the job at the lowest possible price.  Those employers who inject other considerations will simply lose in the market place.

I don’t care about people’s color.  Neither do my kids.  Why does the Left try to force me to pay attention to those irrelevant physical characteristics?

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Chronic Warrior Syndrome

This is a title of the article by Russ Vaughn posted both on American Thinker and Old War Dogs:

Chronic Warrior Syndrome

Russ Vaughn
One of the things I’ve come to love about writing for the Internet is the new friends I make whose perception sometimes make me smack my forehead in wonder that in all my years some insight they easily offer up had so completely eluded me until now. One such is a jarhead, and believe me, as an old paratrooper, I use that term with respect and brotherly affection. Old Leatherneck, Troy Watson, introduced me to the concept of Chronic Marine Syndrome, which as best I can determine is the inspiration of retired Marine Corps Brigadier General, Mike Mulqueen.

Reading the list of symptoms associated with Chronic Marine Syndrome, I realized quickly that the New York Times and other mainstream media organizations have been right all along that those who serve their country, and especially those who have actually fought in their country’s service have most likely developed a syndrome which, considering the moral fiber of the mainstream media and the nation of sheep they seek to form and lead, could accurately be categorized by them as pathological.

Russ also wrote in his e-mail to me that he would like to have a requirement of at least 3 years military service as an admission requirement for all the journalism schools in the country.  That seems like a good idea to me, at least for those who cover the military and foreign affairs.  So, do read the whole thing, either here or here.  Enjoy!  And while you are at it, be sure to visit this fine site:

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Can this be clearer?

Once again Charles Johnson of LGF found this wonderful picture:

I especially like the caption:

Hizbollah militants raise their arms in salute of assassinated Hezbollah top commander Imad Mughniyeh during a memorial service in his home village of Tair Debba, south Lebanon, Sunday, Feb. 17, 2008.

(AP Photo/Tara Todras-Whitehill)

Can someone in the media call this "salute" what it really is?  Can it be any more clear that these are the Nazis of our time?  Note that the link to the original picture works for now, but I saved the picture, just in case the link goes away.

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