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FDR would have been a Republican today.

Second choice

It is sad, but Rudy Giuliani has dropped out of Presidential Campaign.  My second choice is Mitt Romney.  Just like Rudy, he showed that he can be blunt and not politically correct when he denied state escort to the former Iranian President and when he suggested that mosques suspected of terrorist ties should be bugged by FBI.  Here is what he has to say on the issues of keeping America safe, confronting radical jihad and nuclear terrorism from Iran.  These are the most important issues in my opinion.  Plus, Romney’s business experience should help strengthen our economy as well.  But what if John McCain gets the nomination?  Well on the most important issue of our time – the war against Islamo-Fascism – he is almost as good as Romney.  In fact, Rudy Giuliani, who of all candidates was the best on this issue, seems to think that he is even better than Romney.  So, should he get the nomination, I will vote for him in the general election without a slightest hesitation.  I urge those who are concerned about the threat of Islamo-Fascism to our civilization to do the same.  Please don’t sit the election out because you disagree with McCain on immigration.  As bad as McCain might be on any issue, Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama will be much worse.  After all, McCain does apparently have 80% conservative voting rating.  So, please don’t let the Democrats win.

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