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My thoughts on Obama winning Iowa

Many of my fellow Republicans are now gloating at Hillary’s loss in Iowa.  Hillary finished 3rd, after Obama and Edwards.  But for those of my fellow Republicans who are happy to see Hillary defeated in the Democratic Primaries I have this to say: consider President Obama or President Edwards.  As bad as Hillary is, all of her Democratic opponents are much worse, every single one of them.  Hillary Clinton is an embodiment of all the worst characteristics of a politician.  She is ruthless and unprincipled, and her only motivation in life is the hunger for power.  But if I were voting in the Democratic Primary, I would have voted for her.  Why?  Because she is the sanest of them all.  Because of her hunger for power she can at least be controlled by public opinion, Congress etc.  It is pretty sad that one of the major political parties in this country can do no better than Hillary Clinton.  But that is the reality we live in.  I do not think she would the easiest to defeat in the General Election.  In fact, I think she might be the hardest to defeat.  But as much as I hope that Republican Party will hold on to the White House, I have to consider the possibility that the Democrats might win.  And in that case I would much rather prefer to have a ruthless and unprincipled power-hungry politician as President than a naive appeaser or someone who just ponders to everybody in the world.

Oh, and one more thing.  Despite sharing many of Ron Paul’s libertarian views, if I am given a choice between Ron Paul and Hillary Clinton, I would vote for Hillary Clinton.  You see, I cannot vote for anyone who would appease Islamo-Fascists, whether on the Left or on the Right.

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  3. In ancient Rome, no matter how critical a foreign campaign was for the “security of Rome”, the legions would turn around and march home if their own Senate started getting out of control and hurting the domestic interests of the soldiers’ families and the interests of the generals.

    That is why we Republicans need to vote now for guys like John McCain to be thrown in jail, not elected President.

    I run a veteran’s organization and I support the War on Terror and OIF as much as you do. I conmpletely disagree with Ron Paul on foreign policy. But I know what senators like John McCain and his liberal buddies Hillary Clinton and Obama are doing to our freedoms at home.

    If you could vote for Hillary, you clearly don’t know or don’t mind.

    You are saying that it is OK for us to be defeated by the real enemy at home as long as we manage to keep Abdullah locked down in the swamp draining efforts in a distant desert.

    You feel that it is better for the feminists to destroy the fabric of US society and men’s rights at home…because the alternative is a US city being nuked.

    Do you see the logic there?

    But that is OK. That can be cured.

    First of all, I won’t talk about the Patriot Act, because you are probably fine with the loss of the 4th Amendment because of the 1930s German mentality that “if I have nothing to hide, my property can be secretly searched at any time”. You don’t think this act will be used against you because you assume that it is only to be used against terrorist suspects.

    So far, you are mostly correct. Except the Bushies are using the Patriot Act against strip clubs and pornography producers as well. That is fine you say. You are against eroticism so equating terrorism with “the sex trade” is OK with you. After all, the feminists have been saying for years that the “sex industry” is terrorism against women. Why not start agreeing with them on their ideology because it dovetails with the religious “morality” ideology against that industry.

    This would then help you accept laws like IMBRA that regulate the online dating industry. Check out to see how the feminists succeeded in pretending that dating sites “traffic in women” when there has never been a single case of that happening with an American owned dating site (which are subject to now background checking all Americans who want to meet foreigners online).

    McCain just tried to get a law passed that would force you the webmaster to sex offender check everyone who tries to post a comment of any kind on your blog. The law would require that all comments be deleted from anyone who fails the background check.

    I could go on…Rudy Julie Annie announced in a newsletter that he would do everything the feminists want him to do because he used their code language. He said among other things “I will stop sex tourism”…which means he will control the passports and regulate the behavior of Americans who are not physically present in the USA. Keep in mind that a US law called the Protect Act already jurisdicts over Americans in foreign countries when it comes to their contact with those under 18 years old. So this means that Julie Annie wants to regulate contact between Americans and adult foreigners.

    Another thing to keep in mind: Even if your religious, feminist or politically correct “sense” tells you that all of the above trends are perfectly fine…you have to know that it splits the Republican Party badly, so much that the Republicans will NEVER win another election for President or even for Senate again until this trend is defeated (and laws like IMBRA overruled in the courts).

    Ron Paul’s 10% of Republicans will keep your Giuliani from power unless he starts talking like Ron Paul at least on domestic issues like personal freedom.

    The Republicans are being blackmailed now: Follow the Constitution (at least on matters not related to war) or lose every election for the next generation.

    Comment by veteransabroad | January 7, 2008 | Reply

  4. Hi Eric. Peace, as in, I appreciate dialog with others who don’t think like I do and don’t want to as long as no one calls anyone rude names.

    How I hope the Republican bickering will result in a ticket the Democrats can beat. How I hope the American people are really ready for a “change,” as in, nobody like Bush.

    And Edwards has put himself into a position to be the VP for either Obama or Hillary. So I’d say, Clinton-Edwards or Obabma-Edwards. Either will work. But then, I’m a liberal. So now nobody has to call me one with an ugly adjective preceding. 🙂

    Comment by helenl | February 7, 2008 | Reply

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