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FDR would have been a Republican today.

Second choice

It is sad, but Rudy Giuliani has dropped out of Presidential Campaign.  My second choice is Mitt Romney.  Just like Rudy, he showed that he can be blunt and not politically correct when he denied state escort to the former Iranian President and when he suggested that mosques suspected of terrorist ties should be bugged by FBI.  Here is what he has to say on the issues of keeping America safe, confronting radical jihad and nuclear terrorism from Iran.  These are the most important issues in my opinion.  Plus, Romney’s business experience should help strengthen our economy as well.  But what if John McCain gets the nomination?  Well on the most important issue of our time – the war against Islamo-Fascism – he is almost as good as Romney.  In fact, Rudy Giuliani, who of all candidates was the best on this issue, seems to think that he is even better than Romney.  So, should he get the nomination, I will vote for him in the general election without a slightest hesitation.  I urge those who are concerned about the threat of Islamo-Fascism to our civilization to do the same.  Please don’t sit the election out because you disagree with McCain on immigration.  As bad as McCain might be on any issue, Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama will be much worse.  After all, McCain does apparently have 80% conservative voting rating.  So, please don’t let the Democrats win.

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My thoughts on Obama winning Iowa

Many of my fellow Republicans are now gloating at Hillary’s loss in Iowa.  Hillary finished 3rd, after Obama and Edwards.  But for those of my fellow Republicans who are happy to see Hillary defeated in the Democratic Primaries I have this to say: consider President Obama or President Edwards.  As bad as Hillary is, all of her Democratic opponents are much worse, every single one of them.  Hillary Clinton is an embodiment of all the worst characteristics of a politician.  She is ruthless and unprincipled, and her only motivation in life is the hunger for power.  But if I were voting in the Democratic Primary, I would have voted for her.  Why?  Because she is the sanest of them all.  Because of her hunger for power she can at least be controlled by public opinion, Congress etc.  It is pretty sad that one of the major political parties in this country can do no better than Hillary Clinton.  But that is the reality we live in.  I do not think she would the easiest to defeat in the General Election.  In fact, I think she might be the hardest to defeat.  But as much as I hope that Republican Party will hold on to the White House, I have to consider the possibility that the Democrats might win.  And in that case I would much rather prefer to have a ruthless and unprincipled power-hungry politician as President than a naive appeaser or someone who just ponders to everybody in the world.

Oh, and one more thing.  Despite sharing many of Ron Paul’s libertarian views, if I am given a choice between Ron Paul and Hillary Clinton, I would vote for Hillary Clinton.  You see, I cannot vote for anyone who would appease Islamo-Fascists, whether on the Left or on the Right.

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The Roosevelts…

…, both Franklin and Teddy, might soon join tearful ChurchillThis is also via LGF:

Inside the Ring

January 4, 2008

By Bill Gertz – Coughlin sacked

Stephen Coughlin, the Pentagon specialist on Islamic law and Islamist extremism, has been fired from his position on the military’s Joint Staff. The action followed a report in this space last week revealing opposition to his work for the military by pro-Muslim officials within the office of Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England.

Mr. Coughlin was notified this week that his contract with the Joint Staff will end in March, effectively halting the career of one of the U.S. government’s most important figures in analyzing the nature of extremism and ultimately preparing to wage ideological war against it.

He had run afoul of a key aide to Mr. England, Hasham Islam, who confronted Mr. Coughlin during a meeting several weeks ago when Mr. Islam sought to have Mr. Coughlin soften his views on Islamist extremism.

Mr. Coughlin was accused directly by Mr. Islam of being a Christian zealot or extremist "with a pen," according to defense officials. Mr. Coughlin appears to have become one of the first casualties in the war of ideas with Islamism.

The officials said Mr. Coughlin was let go because he had become "too hot" or controversial within the Pentagon.

Misguided Pentagon officials, including Mr. Islam and Mr. England, have initiated an aggressive "outreach" program to U.S. Muslim groups that critics say is lending credibility to what has been identified as a budding support network for Islamist extremists, including front groups for the radical Muslim Brotherhood.

Read it and weep.

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Churchill is crying – again

This is via LGF:

Scores of soldiers flying home from Afghanistan on Christmas leave were ordered to change out of their uniforms on a freezing runway before being allowed into a civilian airport terminal.

Troops were told not to be seen in public in their uniforms – which they had worn with pride while risking their lives during months of intense fighting against the Taliban.

Scroll down for more…

Fighting man: A British soldier in action in Afghanistan

Last night the Ministry of Defence and bosses at Birmingham International Airport blamed each other for the indignity suffered by the soldiers – which comes amid mounting anger over the treatment of British troops returning from war.

One soldier, who was ordered to undress for "security reasons", said: "It is an insult to the entire Army to force guys who’ve been fighting in Afghanistan to obey some jobsworth rule when all they want to do is get home to their families.

"So much for a nation proud of its servicemen. The temperature was Baltic on the runway but most of just wanted to get home so we cracked on."

I’ll try to imitate British accent: "This is a horrible disgrace!"  So, once again I must post this picture from

What else can I say?

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I am back

It’s been a month since my last post.  I’ve been very busy at work and had to work weekends.  I am still busy, but have a little bit of time to post here.  So, to start with, here is a great article by Judith Klinghoffer:


Yes. The whole world is watching, frustratedly watching, the American election campaign. Many believe that they should have had the right to participate as the decision is bound to affect their own lives as well as American ones. Some living in democracies believe the Americans are too uncouth to be entrusted with such an important decision while those living in dictatorship are filled with hopeless wonder. Too many in the under developed world believe that America stands between them and an opportunity to made a similar choice. For in these difficult times the presidential candidates do offer Americans a real choice and it is a choice which will be understood by both friend and foe alike.

Read it all.

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