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FDR would have been a Republican today.

“Winston Churchill in a baseball cap”

Apparently this is how Winston Churchill’s granddaughter described Rudy Giuliani.  This is via Atlas:

LONDON – Rudy Giuliani talked tough on Iran yesterday, proposing to expand NATO to include Israel (emphasis mine – Eric-Odessit) and warning that if Iran’s leaders go ahead with their goal to be a nuclear power "we will prevent it, or we will set them back five or 10 years."

The former New York City mayor also rejected the possibility that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad be allowed to visit Ground Zero accompanied by the New York Police Department, calling the idea "outrageous."

Giuliani’s implied threat of a U.S. or allied attack on Iran’s nuclear capabilities goes further than the hard line against Iran by most other Republican presidential hopefuls, and even exceeds the stern warnings of the Bush White House.

Invited here by British conservatives, Giuliani took advantage of every opportunity to burnish his image as an international leader, meeting with Prime Minister Gordon Brown at 10 Downing St., his predecessor Tony Blair and iconic conservative Margaret Thatcher.

At a time when his presidential campaign poll numbers have dipped as U.S. conservatives search for a standard bearer, Giuliani reveled in his description by Winston Churchill’s granddaughter Celia Sandys as "Winston Churchill in a baseball cap" (emphasis mine – Eric-Odessit) and accepted an award named for Thatcher from the U.S.-U.K. think tank Atlantic Bridge.

Last night, to a roomful of Tories that included the Iron Lady herself, Giuliani delivered a major foreign policy address that compared the war on terror to the Cold War.

America and Britain, with their special relationship, should lead the fight against radical Islamists threatening terror by creating stronger intelligence cooperation among Western nations, a massive U.S. military build-up, an expanded NATO and a redoubled effort in the "war of ideas," Giuliani said.

I consider Winston Churchill to be one of the greatest statesmen of all times, so I like this comparison very much.  I hope it is accurate and I hope that our next President will be someone like Winston Churchill.

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