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Hitler was a Socialist

A friend and fellow Protest Warrior sent me this interesting article by John J. Ray:

"True, it is a fixed idea with the French that the Rhine is their property, but to this arrogant demand the only reply worthy of the German nation is Arndt’s: "Give back Alsace and Lorraine". For I am of the opinion, perhaps in contrast to many whose standpoint I share in other respects, that the reconquest of the German-speaking left bank of the Rhine is a matter of national honour, and that the Germanisation of a disloyal Holland and of Belgium is a political necessity for us. Shall we let the German nationality be completely suppressed in these countries, while the Slavs are rising ever more powerfully in the East?"

Have a look at the headline quote above and say who wrote it. It is a typical Hitler rant, is it not? Give it to 100 people who know Hitler’s speeches and 100 would identify it as something said by Adolf. The fierce German nationalism and territorial ambition is unmistakeable. And if there is any doubt, have a look at another quote from the same author:

This is our calling, that we shall become the templars of this Grail, gird the sword round our loins for its sake and stake our lives joyfully in the last, holy war which will be followed by the thousand-year reign of freedom.

That settles it, doesn’t it? Who does not know of Hitler’s glorification of military sacrifice and his aim to establish a "thousand-year Reich"?

But neither quote is in fact from Hitler. Both quotes were written by Friedrich Engels, Karl Marx’s co-author (See here and here). So let that be an introduction to the idea that Hitler not only called himself a socialist but that he WAS in fact a socialist by the standards of his day. Ideas that are now condemned as Rightist were in Hitler’s day perfectly normal ideas among Leftists. And if Friedrich Engels was not a Leftist, I do not know who would be.

Obviously, read the whole thing.  And if this article is not available at the link I provided, let me know, and I will post it on my site.  But what is of particular interest to me is this picture from the article:

So, how do you like this Russian swastika?  In case someone thinks this has something to do with some Russian fascists, let me assure you it does not.  Let me translate this.  On the left side it says:


to troops of South-Eastern front

# 213

City of Saratov                                                                                                                         <date> November 1919

A shoulder patch is approved for Kalmyk units, according to the attached drawing and description.

The right to wear this patch is given to officers and Red Army privates of existing Kalmyk units, as well as the ones being raised, according to order of the Revolutionary Military Council of the Republic, this year, # 11<6>.

Below are the signatures of the front commander, the Member of the Revolutionary Military Council (the commissar) and chief of staff.  On the right there is a description and the picture.  Of interest are the Cyrillic letters R. S. F. S. R. inside the swastika.  This abbreviation stands for "Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic", the official name of the part of the Soviet Union that is now Russia.  By the way, even now the official name of Russia is Russian Federation.  So, basically this is a Red Army shoulder patch with the swastika on it that was used during the Russian Civil War after the Bolshevik Revolution.  My late grandpa told me many times that in 1939 after the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact the Soviet newspapers kept praising the friendship between 2 socialist countries.  Indeed there were very few differences between the two.

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  1. Good post. American socialists bear some blame for the notorious symbol used by the National Socialist German Workers Party on its flag. Edward Bellamy worked with the Theosophical Society, another socialist group, and during that time the Theosophical Society used the symbol adopted later by German National Socialists. It is commonly called a swastika, although German socialists called it a Hakenkreuz (hooked cross).

    Although an ancient symbol, the swastika was altered for use as overlapping S-letters for ‘socialism.’ It was turned 45 degrees from the horizontal and was oriented in the S-direction to highlight the overlapping S-letters for “socialism.” Similar alphabetic symbolism was used in the SS division and similar symbolism is still visible today, every day, on the streets as Volkswagen logos.

    Those are discoveries made by the historian Dr. Rex Curry (author of “Pledge of Allegiance Secrets”). The pic above is originally from this page where there is more

    This is a documentary about some of it

    Thanks again.

    Comment by Tinny Ray | August 27, 2007 | Reply

  2. Hi there, I was doing a Google image search for someone and I ran across your blog here. I thought I would do you a service by saying.

    1. Ignore the first comment, this conspiracy theorist obviously has no idea what he is talking about.

    2. The reason for the swastika was that it was a Kalmyk unit. Kalmyks are a Mongolic, BUDDHIST nation of people, hence the swastika. In comparison, other ethnic units such as the Bashkir cavalry(Turkic, Muslim nation) wore the crescent moon and star on their sleeve.

    Comment by Aslan Maskhadov | January 31, 2009 | Reply

  3. It is to easy to dismiss Hitler as a Socialist. He was a NATIONAL Socialist. That clearly indicates a social net for the Nation, not the world, so he was a Nationalist first and a Socialist second. Communism is an INTERNATIONAL movement.
    FDR flirted with National Socialism with the New Deal. He was not as committed though, and the recovery failed until the war. It was WW2 that ended the depression. That is basically in line with Mussolini’s concept that War was essential to a healthy national economy.
    The reason that is not working for the U.S. now, is that we are using money borrowed from China instead of standing on our own feet. We can’t afford wars that we can’t afford.
    If you think that I’m getting too far off subject here…
    I take every opportunity to remind people that Churchill’s arrogance in WW2 caused the transfer of British wealth, resulting in the USA emerging as the number one world power. We may still fly the red flag over ourselves if we don’t stop this policy.

    Comment by M Farley | March 11, 2009 | Reply

  4. M Farley,
    The difference between Hitler’s Socialism in Germany and Stalin’s Socialism in the Soviet Union was only that Stalin was an equal opportunity murderer, while Hitler concentrated on Jews and Gypsies. There were a lot of similarities between Stalin’s and Hitler’s regimes.
    As for your repeating of Pat Buchanan’s crap, let me remind you that Churchill was very far removed from power in the 1930s. Chamberlain signed the Munich Agreement despite Churchill’s opposition. Chamberlain was also the guy who gave the guarantee to Poland and declared war on Germany. It was, of course, the right thing to do, but if the British Government would have listened to Churchill, it would not have come to that.
    So, stop propagandizing this isolationist and appeasement crap: it did not work before, and it will not work now.

    Comment by Eric-Odessit | March 11, 2009 | Reply

  5. Hi, see im trying to do a little poll. what do you guys understand as socialism? as far as i am concerned i wouldnt mind having a socialist democracy, like canada, spain… they get to elect their leaders, free market, but they use a good chunk of money on the people that are making the country money(happy citizens=better economies)

    Comment by Frankerfurt | April 5, 2009 | Reply

  6. Ignore the second comment, this buddhist conspiracy theorist obviously has no idea what he is talking about.

    He is ignorant of (and has no explanation for) the fact that new money used in the new Union of Soviet Socialist Republics contained swastikas.

    Also, the Buddhist swastika usually faces in the direction that is opposite of the S-letter swastika. If there had been any Buddhist influence in the swastika shown, then it was deliberately altered to the S-direction (for “socialism”).

    The swastika on Soviet Socialist (note the double S’s) money et cetera has been explained by the historian Dr. Rex Curry (author of “Pledge of Allegiance Secrets”). The pic above is originally from this page where there is more

    Comment by Tinny Ray | June 12, 2009 | Reply

  7. This photo looks fake. The order looks old and worn, as it should be, but the patch is bright unfaded red.

    It is also suspicious that the photo is just small enough for me not to be able to read what it says.

    Even if it is genuine, the swastika is an ancient symbol that had nothing to do with Nazism until it was formally adapted as a symbol of the Nazi party in 1920. Even then, it did not immediately replace all other swastikas floating around. Swastikas were very popular all over Europe in early 20th century, and stood for all sorts of things, beginning with plain good luck.

    See “Western use of the Swastika in the early 20th century” on Wikipedia.

    Here its use for Kalmyk units would make sense. Kalmyks indeed were Buddhists, and Buddhists have traditionally used it more than anyone, of course without any Nazi connotations.

    Comment by Kurtlane | September 28, 2009 | Reply

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