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FDR would have been a Republican today.

I pretty much made up my mind…

…for whom I will vote in the Presidential Primaries.  This is via LGF:

Rudy Giuliani doesn’t care whether the Palestinian government is run by Hamas, which is recognized by the US as a terrorist organization, or Mahmoud Abbas, the chairman of Fatah who is regarded by the Bush administration as a moderate.

"Hamas or Abbas, it makes no difference (emphasis mine – Eric-Odessit). The ball is in their court, and we just have to show patience and not push any peace process until they do what they have to do," said Mr. Giuliani.

What they have to do, he said, is, at the very minimum, to recognize Israel’s right to exist and to renounce terrorism. Then, he said, Israel and the US should sit back and see if they mean it.

"They don’t just have to say the words. Anyone can say the words. They have to show that they are ending terrorism; they have to show that they are doing what they have to do to end terrorism. I’m a strong proponent of the philosophy that we can trust, but we have to verify," he said. "If all that happens, then it will lead naturally to a peace process, but we have to wait patiently until they are ready to make it happen. And no one should make any concessions to the Palestinians until they take those steps."


Mr. Giuliani told his supporters he was running for President because he believes he understands terrorism better than any other candidate currently running to hold the office.

He pointed out that, as far as he is concerned, Islamist terrorism against the West began in 1972 at the Munich Olympics when Palestinian terrorists kidnapped and murdered 11 Israeli athletes.

He said he remembered being appalled when the German authorities, who had arrested some of the terrorists, quickly released them. "They let them go because they were afraid if they did not, there would be more terrorist attacks in Germany," he said, pointing out that many European countries followed Germany’s example.


He found it especially galling, he said, when Italian authorities released the murderers of Leon Klinghoffer, the 69-year-old disabled New Yorker who was murdered by Palestinian terrorists who had hijacked the Achille Lauro cruise ship in 1985.

"The Italians captured the terrorists and then released them two hours later, because they were afraid," said Mr. Giuliani.

As a US Attorney in the Reagan administration, Mr. Giuliani investigated the Klinghoffer case, and, he said, he became convinced that Yasir Arafat personally was responsible for the murder.

Ten years later, as mayor of New York, Mr. Giuliani threw Mr. Arafat out of a concert he was hosting at Lincoln Center  (emphasis mine – Eric-Odessit) for world leaders who were in Manhattan to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the UN. "I didn’t forget what he had done to Leon Klinghoffer," said Mr. Giuliani.

Rudy is not shy about taking a stand and does not apologize for it.  It’s not just in regard to Israel.  Rudy understands the enemy.  To be fair, I would feel comfortable voting for 9 out of 10 Republicans in the General Election.  (I think I might prefer Hillary to the isolationist Ron Paul, so, if G-d forbid, it will be Hillary vs. Ron Paul, I will not vote for either).  But I trust that Rudy will not stop being blunt about what he believes.  I also happen to agree with him on pretty much everything, including his stand on abortions (hate them personally, but don’t think the Government should be involved in this issue).  So, he is my ideal candidate.  Add to it the issue of electability, and my choice become very clear.

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  1. I have no beef w/ Israel but why is it America’s responsibility to take care of them when we can’t afford to take care of ourselves?

    Giuliani would be a dictator type leader. Giuliani would absolutely gut the Constitution. And so would Hillary, Mitt, Edwards, Obama, McCain, etc… There is more to running a country than terrorism and security and all that nonsense that is continually spewed out of DC.

    If we don’t have a Constitution we don’t have a country. Like I said, I don’t wish Israel any harm. But Israel is not my tax dollar’s responsibility.

    Comment by Jim | May 20, 2007 | Reply

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