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I pretty much made up my mind…

…for whom I will vote in the Presidential Primaries.  This is via LGF:

Rudy Giuliani doesn’t care whether the Palestinian government is run by Hamas, which is recognized by the US as a terrorist organization, or Mahmoud Abbas, the chairman of Fatah who is regarded by the Bush administration as a moderate.

"Hamas or Abbas, it makes no difference (emphasis mine – Eric-Odessit). The ball is in their court, and we just have to show patience and not push any peace process until they do what they have to do," said Mr. Giuliani.

What they have to do, he said, is, at the very minimum, to recognize Israel’s right to exist and to renounce terrorism. Then, he said, Israel and the US should sit back and see if they mean it.

"They don’t just have to say the words. Anyone can say the words. They have to show that they are ending terrorism; they have to show that they are doing what they have to do to end terrorism. I’m a strong proponent of the philosophy that we can trust, but we have to verify," he said. "If all that happens, then it will lead naturally to a peace process, but we have to wait patiently until they are ready to make it happen. And no one should make any concessions to the Palestinians until they take those steps."


Mr. Giuliani told his supporters he was running for President because he believes he understands terrorism better than any other candidate currently running to hold the office.

He pointed out that, as far as he is concerned, Islamist terrorism against the West began in 1972 at the Munich Olympics when Palestinian terrorists kidnapped and murdered 11 Israeli athletes.

He said he remembered being appalled when the German authorities, who had arrested some of the terrorists, quickly released them. "They let them go because they were afraid if they did not, there would be more terrorist attacks in Germany," he said, pointing out that many European countries followed Germany’s example.


He found it especially galling, he said, when Italian authorities released the murderers of Leon Klinghoffer, the 69-year-old disabled New Yorker who was murdered by Palestinian terrorists who had hijacked the Achille Lauro cruise ship in 1985.

"The Italians captured the terrorists and then released them two hours later, because they were afraid," said Mr. Giuliani.

As a US Attorney in the Reagan administration, Mr. Giuliani investigated the Klinghoffer case, and, he said, he became convinced that Yasir Arafat personally was responsible for the murder.

Ten years later, as mayor of New York, Mr. Giuliani threw Mr. Arafat out of a concert he was hosting at Lincoln Center  (emphasis mine – Eric-Odessit) for world leaders who were in Manhattan to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the UN. "I didn’t forget what he had done to Leon Klinghoffer," said Mr. Giuliani.

Rudy is not shy about taking a stand and does not apologize for it.  It’s not just in regard to Israel.  Rudy understands the enemy.  To be fair, I would feel comfortable voting for 9 out of 10 Republicans in the General Election.  (I think I might prefer Hillary to the isolationist Ron Paul, so, if G-d forbid, it will be Hillary vs. Ron Paul, I will not vote for either).  But I trust that Rudy will not stop being blunt about what he believes.  I also happen to agree with him on pretty much everything, including his stand on abortions (hate them personally, but don’t think the Government should be involved in this issue).  So, he is my ideal candidate.  Add to it the issue of electability, and my choice become very clear.

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What an Iraqi thinks of the Democrats in Congress

Omar Fadhil is PajamasMedia Baghdad editor. His own blog is Iraq The ModelHere is his article on the recent Democrat’s attempt to cut and run:

Instead coming up with ideas to help the US Democrats are trying to stop the effort to stabilize Iraq and rescue the Middle East from a catastrophe.

I am an Iraqi. To me the possible consequences of this vote are terrifying. Just as we began to see signs of progress in my country the Democrats come and say, ‘Well, it’s not worth it.Time to leave’.

To the Democrats my life and the lives of twenty-five other million Iraqis are evidently not worth trying for. They shouldn’t expect us to be grateful for this.

For four years everybody made mistakes. The administration made mistakes and admitted them. My people and leaders made mistakes as well and we regret them.

But now, in the last two months, we have had a fresh start; a new strategy with new ideas and tactics. These were reached after studying previous mistakes and were designed to reverse the setbacks we witnessed in the course of this war.

Of course, read it all.

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An interesting story

Remember, there was a movie called "So I Married an Ax Murderer"?  Well, this article is called

So I Married a Terrorist . . .

Saraah Olson’s strange trip through the U.S. war on terror

Thursday, April 19, 2007 – 3:00 pm

Saraah Olson and her daughter, Ala. Photo by John Gilhooley

The first time Saraah Olson called the FBI about her husband was on Feb. 26, 1993. At 12:27 p.m. Eastern time, a truck bomb had exploded inside the garage of New York City’s World Trade Center.

While working on a term paper at her Garden Grove apartment, Olson turned on her television and saw coverage of the explosion, which killed six and wounded 1,042 people. She immediately called her husband, Hisham Diab, an Egyptian immigrant and insurance salesman for MetLife whom she had married two years earlier. She reached Diab at his office in Carson, California.

“They blew up the Trade Center,” Olson told him, her voice frantic with disbelief. “They keep saying, ‘The Arabs did it; the Arabs did it. They are blaming Arabs.’” Olson recalls that her husband didn’t seem the least bit surprised.

He uttered exactly two words. “They should,” he said. Then he hung up the telephone.

Olson had been growing suspicious about her husband for several months, ever since Diab had invited a blind Egyptian cleric to stay in their apartment building for three days while he gave inspirational sermons at the local mosque. The cleric, Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, would later be charged in connection with the Trade Center bombing. But more than anything, it was Diab’s apparent lack of surprise and cold reaction to the Trade Center bombing that led Saraah Olson to call the FBI.

“I was like, son of a bitch,” Olson says. “What kind of person would say, ‘they should’ unless they know something they’re not supposed to know?”

Immediately after calling Diab, Olson dialed the number of the Santa Ana office of the FBI. A nice-sounding woman answered the telephone and asked how she could help. “I need to give someone some information,” Olson said. “I don’t know who I should talk to. I married an Arab. He’s Egyptian. He’s a friend of the blind cleric. He has some extreme political beliefs, and I just told my husband they blew up the Trade Center and are blaming Arabs, and he said they should. I just think somebody should look into that.”

Read the whole thing.

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Ismail Ax

Here is an article about Virginia Tech shooter:

First it was Johnny Muhammad, now it was Cho Sueng Hui aka Ismail Ax. Precisely how many mass shooters have to turn out to have adopted Muslim names before we get it? Islam has become the tribe of choice of those who hate American society. I’m not talking about people who grew up as Muslims, confident and secure in their faith, good fathers, sons and neighbors. I’m talking about the angry, malignant, narcissist loners who want to reject their community utterly, to throw off their ‘slave name’ and represent the downtrodden of the earth by shooting their friends and neighbors.

This morning I read that the Virginia Tech shooter died with the name Ismail Ax written in red ink on his arm. The mainstream press doesn’t seem to have a clue as to what this might mean. To quote Indiana Jones, "Didn’t any of you guys go to Sunday School?"

The author is absolutely correct: those who hate America identify with Islam one way or the other.  Back when the Soviet Union was around, it was Communism.  Now they pick Islamism as their ideology.  Many Muslims might not want to be associated with America-haters.  But they are not the ones making that choice.  America-haters identify with Islam, whether normal people who happen to be Muslim like it or not.

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Where Are the Anti-Communist Movies?

The title of this post duplicates the title of an article I stumbled upon:

By David Boaz:

…Anti-Nazi movies keep coming out, from Confessions of a Nazi Spy and Hitler, Beast of Berlin in 1939 and on through The Great Dictator, The Mortal Storm, The Diary of Anne Frank, Sophie’s Choice, Schindler’s List, right up to the current Black Book. And many of these have included searing depictions of Nazi brutality, both physical and psychological.

But where are the anti-communist movies? Oh, sure, there have been some, from early Cold War propaganda films to such artistic achievements as The Red Danube, Ninotchka, One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, The Killing Fields, East-West, and Before Night Falls. But considering that National Socialism lasted only 12 years in one country (and those it occupied), and Communism spanned half the globe for 75 years, you’d think there’d be lots more stories to tell about Communist rule.

No atrocities, maybe? Nazis and Brits were vicious, but Communists were just intellectually misguided? Well, that seems implausible. They murdered several times as many people. If screenwriters don’t know the stories, they could start with the Black Book of Communism. It could introduce them to such episodes as Stalin’s terror-famine in Ukraine, the Gulag, the deportation of the Kulaks, the Katyn Forest massacre, Mao’s Cultural Revolution, the Hungarian revolution, Che Guevara’s executions in Havana, the flight of the boat people from Vietnam, Pol Pot’s mass slaughter—material enough for dozens of movies.

Do read it all.  I agree, we do need anti-communist movies in order to explain to young people that it really was (and is) a bad idea.  But, besides the leftist bias of many Hollywood filmmakers, I think I can guess another reason why there are very few movies about the struggle against another totalitarian ideology of the 20th Century.  You see, at least in the former Soviet Union Communism lasted so long, it is very hard to produce a movie with a happy ending.  On the other hand, if you take a time frame that encompasses the fall of Communism, the happy end is possible.  I hope there will be people that take it up.

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Saddam’s WMD

I am very busy at work and have to work on weekends, so I haven’t posted for a while.  However, I have a little bit of time now, so this is my attempt to catch up.  My first post today is about a fairly old article by Melanie Philips about Saddam’s WMD:

It’s a fair bet that you have never heard of a guy called Dave Gaubatz. It’s also a fair bet that you think the hunt for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq has found absolutely nothing, nada, zilch; and that therefore there never were any WMD programmes in Saddam’s Iraq to justify the war ostensibly waged to protect the world from Saddam’s use of nuclear, biological or chemical weapons.

Dave Gaubatz, however, says you could not be more wrong. Saddam’s WMD did exist. He should know because he found the sites where he is certain they were stored. And the reason you don’t know about this is that the American administration failed to act on his information, ‘lost’ his classified reports and is now doing everything it can to prevent disclosure of the terrible fact that, through its own incompetence, it allowed Saddam’s WMD to end up in the hands of the very terrorist states against whom it is so controversially at war.

Read the whole thing.  The evidence that Saddam did have both WMD and research program to create more WMD are overwhelming.  Yet, the Bush Administration seems to be quite willing to self-flagellate about being mistaken about their existence.  Why?  The other day Rush Limbaugh echoed my thoughts on this subject.  He suggested that it might be easier for many people in the administration to admit to a lesser screw-up of being too paranoid about the WMD that weren’t really there, rather to admit to much bigger screw-up failing to find the existing WMD, which now obviously got into the wrong hands.  Yes, Syria would be those wrong hands.

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