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My letter to Senator Lieberman

It took me a while: I am very busy at work and had to work last weekend.  But here it is, my letter to Senator Lieberman that I intended to write since my last post.

Dear Senator Lieberman.
First of all, I’d like to thank you for your steadfast support of our troops and their mission, as well as for your overall support of our war effort against this new totalitarian enemy known as Islamism (different from Islam).
Although I do not live in Connecticut, I write to you as a fellow American and a fellow Jew.  Just like previous generations of your family, I am a naturalized American, originally from the former Soviet Union.  Having grown up in the former Soviet Union, I have a very special appreciation for this country: I have something to compare it to.
I am now embarrassed and horrified by the actions of the Democratic Leadership in the US Congress.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid recently stated that the war is lost.  He stated this in the middle of the war, while our troops are in combat.  This basically amounts to spreading enemy propaganda.  People went to jail for things like this at the end of World War 2.  Some, like "Lord Haw-Haw", were even executed.  So, it is a disgrace that Harry Reid remains in the leadership position of the US Senate.  The Democratic Party kicked you out.  Ironically, you are the only one who remained true to the ideals of the Democratic Party of Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy.  In fact, it seems that those ideals found their home in the Republican Party of today.  By aligning yourself with the modern incarnation of the Party of FDR, the Republican Party, you can change the leadership of the Senate and ensure more effective prosecution of the war against Islamism.  I implore you to do just that.
Thank you very much.

On a related note, a commenter to my last post suggested that, since Bush Administration committed numerous blunders in Iraqi Theater of operations, we should just let it go and give up.  My answer to that is that mistakes are made in any war.  For example, World War 2 was no exception.  However, those blunders are certainly not the reason to surrender.  Especially, since they did not result in military defeat.  They may still result in political defeat, but only if we do give up.  I am trying to make my small contribution to preventing such outcome.

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