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More on last Saturday demonstrations

My fellow Protest Warrior John posted his report on last Saturday action here and here.  Meanwhile, my friend Smash is running 4-part series on the events in Washington, DC:

Part 1: The Radicals;

Part 2: Eagles Up!;

Part 3: Infiltration;

Part 4: The Tsunami of Stupid.

The stupid MSM managed to under-report the Gathering of Eagles, but they could not ignore it completely.  We need large numbers.  Large numbers are impossible to ignore.  When will people on my side, presumably normal people, wake up and get off their collective butt?  It seems that in San Diego so-called supporters of the troops and their mission for the most part limit their activity to bitching about “liberals” to their friends who agree with them anyway.  Yes, I am pretty pissed that there were only about a dozen of us countering the moonbats.  Between Free Republic and Protest Warrior it should have been more.

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