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Protest Warrior action in San Diego

Yesterday was a Saturday and a day of big leftist demonstrations all over the country.  Ever since the start of combat in Iraqi theater of the war against Islamo-Fascism the leftists mark the anniversary of the start of the hostilities on the Saturday closest to March 19, the date on which the current hostilities started.  In Washington, DC, the Left was countered by the Gathering of Eagles, a counter-demonstration organized by a group of Vietnam War veterans in order to protect the Vietnam War Memorial from the violent and destructive representatives of the Left.  Needless to say, Vietnam veterans were not the only ones there.  Protest Warriors and Move America Forward also showed up in force.  They apparently had a great success in DC: preliminary estimates are that there were about 30 thousands people on the side of Freedom and that they out-numbered the Left by a ratio of 3 to 1.

The leftists here in San Diego have also come out to play, and the San Diego Chapter of Protest Warrior was ready to oblige them with a counter-rally.  Unfortunately, here in San Diego attendance by our side still leaves a lot to be desired, so we were out-numbered, as usual.  There was maybe about a dozen of us total, including some marines who served multiple tours in Iraq.  Nevertheless we got some news coverage by Channel 8Channel 10 also covered us, but they were horribly biased: when our marines were attacked by the leftists, they made it look like it was marines’ fault and they were being arrested by police.  In fact, as Channel 8 correctly reported, police had to drive the marines to the destination of the demonstration in order to protect them.  The guy who attacked the marines was on a bicycle, wearing a Palestinian scarf over his face.  As a side note, when he rode by me, I called him “Nazi”.  He heard it and, I am sure, was shocked: he did not expect that.  But he rode on.  Channel 10 still has a video on their site.

We had a visitor from Hell:

He was passing out yummy yellow cake cupcakes.  Here is a close-up of the left-overs:

There are some people who still think that there were no links between Saddam Hussein and Al-Qaeda.  This picture proves otherwise:

Looks like Osama supports Obama for 08.  In al seriousness, even the 9/11 Commission Report admitted that there were links between the two.  It was one of our marines dressed up as Osama bin Laden.

John interviewed Saddam:

Hopefully he will post the audio on the San Diego Chapter of Protest Warrior web site.  Our marines engaged in a spirited debate with the leftists:

While the marines were presenting arguments based on facts and experience, the leftists resorted to calling them brainwashed idiots, demonstrating their “support for the troops”.  I actually got to talk to a guy who was reasonable.  He acknowledged that he did not have a solution for the situation in Iraq and that just pulling out would not be a good idea.  When I suggested that more troops might be needed, he agreed that it would be a solution, but insisted that there were no more troops available.

Finally, here are some more pictures of our marines, who, while on a break from combat, enter the battle of public opinion:

I can’t even begin to express my gratitude to these guys.

In conclusion, I have to say that we were successful, despite pretty low turnout.  We got the news coverage, and the leftists got pretty pissed off because of that.  We had some fun and we got into the leftists’ faces and rattled their cages.  I have to say that comparing them to Nazis and calling them “Nazi sympathizers” is effective at this point because they don’t expect that, and it bothers them.  Over all, it was a good operation.  I just wish there were more of us.

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