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Misinformation in the Mainstream Media

Well, I am not really breaking any news here. I just wanted to point out that the leftist bias and misinformation are present not only in the presentation of news, but also in entertainment. The case in point is last Tuesday episode of NBC’s “Law and Order: SVU”. The show itself is pretty good, and my wife and I like it. But in this particular episode the leftist bias of the show makers showed its ugly head. The title of the episode was “Loophole”. The premise is that they discover that some evil chemical corporation is using some loophole in the EPA regulations and testing side effects of some pesticides on “poor people, because they don’t matter”. That premise is bad enough. But one of the witnesses/victims is a Hispanic single mother, who is illegal because her Green Card has expired. I have news flash for NBC and anybody who feels sorry for immigrants without understanding the immigration process: the Green Card never expires, unless you leave the country for more than a year or commit a crime! I should know: I had a Green Card for 5 years before applying for US Citizenship and then one more year while my application was being processed. I am very tired of feel-good leftists who feel sorry for immigrants and throw out BS like that. They institute stupid bi-lingual education programs (thankfully, abolished in California) that prevent normal assimilation. Their idiotic misinformation, like this story of expiring Green Card, prevents us from creating an immigration process that makes sense. At this point the borders (both) are wide open, while immigrating legally is very hard. How much sense does that make? And now politicians on both sides of the isle talk about temporary visas. What a stupid idea: creating a large chunk of population that by design is not supposed to become American. We are at war, which means that one of the requirements for living in this country should be loyalty to the good old USA. That should most definitely include immigrants. Thus, only those who intend to become Americans should be given Green Cards. They should also be required to apply for Citizenship after 5 years. Those, who don’t, should be deported.

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