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FDR would have been a Republican today.

Is Hillary one of the few sane Democrats?

This is from NewsMax:

Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., on Thursday called for a rejection of new Palestinian textbooks that portray a world without Israel, refer to Jews as “Zionist gangs” and rewrite the Holocaust to ignore atrocities committed against Jews.

“We must stop the propaganda to which Palestinian children are exposed,” Clinton said in a news conference in Washington, D.C. “These children deserve an education that instills respect for life and peace instead of glorifying death and violence.”

Clinton, a candidate for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, called the conference to release a report by Palestinian Media Watch, a Jerusalem-based group that monitors Palestinian media for anti-Israel bias. She said the books “do not give Palestinian children an education, they give them an indoctrination.”

Do read it all and form your own opinion. To me it seems that she is being very rational here. For the record, in no way does it mean that I want her to be President. But whenever a Democrat sounds rational, it gives me hope, even if they are rational for the wrong reasons. In case of Hillary, she might even believe what she is saying. But I don’t think that is the reason why she is saying this. In the last elections 25% of American Jews did vote for Bush. She knows that someone like Giuliani, who is very supportive of Israel and very willing to stand up to Islamo-Fascists, can easily take a large enough percentage of Jewish voters away from the Democratic ticket, which will make it impossible for her to win the Presidency. The younger Jews especially likely to look away from the Democratic Party. Add to it the fact that on the average majority of Americans tend to support Israel, and it becomes understandable why Hillary has to sound sane on this issue. At this point there are 3 front runners on the Democratic side: consistently hard Left Obama, flip-flopping hard Left Edwards and Hillary. Hillary is the most sane of the three. She is a politician hungry for power. Thus, she can be influenced by public opinion. At the same time, she is not going to flip-flop a la Kerry or Edwards: the same public opinion hates that.
Will the next Truman or FDR ever appear on the Democratic side some time in the future?

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