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FDR would have been a Republican today.

Another Democrat displaying some left-over sanity?

I found this story a couple of days ago:

WASHINGTON — In a revealing new book on politics, Sen. Charles Schumer comes out with guns blazing — not at President Bush, but at his own Democratic Party.

Schumer, one of the most powerful figures in Washington, rips his party for being in the clutches of special-interest groups for too long and for losing touch with the middle class.

“Washington Democrats too often took their cues from interest groups without considering the needs of the average person,” he writes in “Positively American,” which is due to hit stores next week.

“Group identities around the country were less important, but those claiming to represent group interests in Washington were stronger than ever,” Schumer wrote. “Democrats had lost touch with their base — the middle class.”

Some people might ask why I would be interested in anything Schumer has to say, since I usually vote Republican. The main reasons are that I like a serious opposition in order to get the best ideas out, and the country does not go downhill in case my side loses.
Schumer is usually considered pretty left-wing. However I am not aware of him being too critical of the war effort. He seems genuinely concerned about security: his pet issue was security of our sea ports ever since 9/11, which is a real issue. So, whenever a Democrat displays some sanity, it gives me hope that not everything is lost, even when Democrats win.
I also keep thinking: the sanity among Democrats: is it a Jewish thing? Ah, forget it: Senators Feingold and Boxer are Jewish too, and they are crazy moonbats. Although, Boxer did display some sanity recently. So, maybe there is something to it. You know, thinking back to those cattle cars and gas chambers tends to get your attention.

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