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My rite of passage: the leftist attack

Today is the day of my rite of passage as a blogger: this blog experienced the first leftist attack. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Some leftist signing as JOHN FREEMAN posted a derogatory comment on the page where I explain the title of this blog and argue that the classical dictionary definition of liberalism today applies to those who are right-of-center. JOHN FREEMAN apparently disagreed with what I wrote and demonstrated his debating skills thus:


I kept his spelling, except for the f-word. Although, that one was also misspelled: it was missing a “c”. Maybe he did that on purpose, in order to get around of language filters that some people have on their sites. As for the rest of it, maybe he was so angry that he could not help himself.
Anyway, JOHN FREEMAN, if you are reading this (I hope you are), here is the deal:
If you can present a fact-based argument in opposition to my article, please do so. Otherwise, don’t come here insulting me with your foul language. Let’s see if your debating skills go beyond personal insults.
Since my blog states in the comment section that commenters’ e-mails will not be published, I will not post JOHN FREEMAN’s e-mail here. But I will e-mail him this post. Let’s see what he will do.

JOHN FREEMAN did not enter his real working e-mail in his comment. So, unless he visits this blog, we really will have to assume that his debating skills indeed do not go beyond personal insults.

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