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The global threat

My co-worker’s mom works at the American school in Romania, where kids of the embassy staff go. So, with his permission I am posting his mom’s e-mail that he got the other day (I am not disclosing his mom’s name of course):

Dear Family and Friends,
We had an emergency meeting after school on Friday. It seems as though the school has received 2 bomb threats in th past week. The first was received before we returned from the holidays and the latest was received 9pm on Thursday evening. In both cases there were very few people on campus. The meeting was to tell us how things would be handled if another was received during the school day. It sounds scary to me. They said they can’t trace the calls since they were placed from a cell phone with a pay as you go card. I’m not sure I want to be here now after hearing this is consider a high risk post. I wish I was told that before moving here in the first place. Hopefully everything will go well and it’s just a prank and this will be the end of it. I also worry because my car has embassy plates on it and maybe that isn’t a safe sign either.
I’m in the middle of writing student reports, which are in complete narrative form and thus it takes forever to complete. I worked all day yesterday on them and will work all day today. Hopefully I will complete them before Monday.
I hope everyone is well and doing fine. I would love to hear from all of you. I will write again once I’ve completed my reports.

Note that the bastards were targeting our embassies long before we went into Iraq. The threat is very serious, global, and we can’t hide from it. However, we can and should confront it.

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