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Iranian Nazis are a global threat

I got this in the e-mail from

Iran: A Threat to Israel and the World

The world can no longer ignore the threat posed by Iran.

Although most of the world press has done an admirable job reporting on the developments of the Iranian nuclear program, the threat to both Israel and the world that Iran presents cannot be understated. This special report has been produced as a resource to use when discussing the Iran threat. It is currently unclear what actions, diplomatic or military, will eventually be used to stop the Iranian nuclear program. Nonetheless, everyone should be aware of the threat and Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons capability.


Time and time again, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has stated that Israel should not exist. Moreover, he has done so with no significant domestic dissent. When the leader of a sovereign nation makes unequivocal statements without domestic opposition, those statements serve as the basis of national policy. It is critical to note that Ahmadinejad’s statements go beyond opposition to Israeli policies, he is speaking of Israel’s very existence.


Years before the current controversy involving Iran’s attempts to develop nuclear power and (according to almost all experts) nuclear weapons, Iran invested heavily in the acquisition of long range missile systems. When coupled with nuclear warheads, these missiles would give Iran the ability to threaten countries far from its borders.

The Iranian Shahab 3 missile (domestically produced within Iran) can threaten either Tel Aviv or Riyadh from the same launch point. The newer Shahab 3ER, with its 2,000 km range, can reach Ankara in Turkey, Alexandria in Egypt, or Sanaa in Yemen from one single launch point deep within Iran. Thus, Iran does not have to move its launchers to project power, making its missile arsenal more survivable.


Iran’s efforts are clearly aimed at the production of nuclear weapons. Iran’s declarations that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes lacks any credibility. In August of 2004, former U.S. Representative to the United Nations John Bolton testified that:

Cover stories put forward by Iran for the development of a nuclear fuel cycle and for individual facilities are simply not credible. For example, Iran is making an enormous investment in facilities to mine, process, and enrich uranium, and says it needs to make its own reactor fuel because it cannot count on foreign supplies. But for at least the next decade Iran will have at most a single nuclear power reactor. In addition, Iran does not have enough indigenous uranium resources to fuel even one power-generating reactor over its lifetime — though it has quite enough uranium to make several nuclear bombs. We are being asked to believe that Iran is building uranium enrichment capacity to make fuel for reactors that do not exist from uranium Iran does not have.


While even the “smallest” nuclear attack anywhere is an unimaginable horror, because of its size and population, it would be almost impossible for the country of Israel to survive a single nuclear attack.


The destruction of Israel is a stated goal of the government of Iran. In light of Iran’s relentless drive to acquire nuclear weapons, it is clear that action must be taken to avert the threat. Since ensuring survival is the prime obligation of a sovereign state towards its own citizens, diplomatic or other actions against Iran should be considered legitimate acts of self-defense and supported by the world community.

Do read the whole thing. I am afraid the current war in Iraq and Afghanistan will be in the future compared to the big one that’s coming like the American involvement in Nicaragua in the 1920s and 1930s can be compared to World War 2.

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Newt might endorse Giuliani?

I found this through a friend’s e-mail:

In perhaps the surest sign that conservative favorite Newt Gingrinch may not throw his hat in the ‘08 ring, the former speaker (and according to most polls, third place contender in the early GOP primary states) links arms with co-frontrunner Rudy Giuliani in a Wall Street Journal editorial endorsing a new strategy for Iraq.
Has Gingrich already made a decision on who he’s backing? Regardless whether he has or not, such an article will do little other than ignite rumors that Gingrich views Giuliani as the best vehicle in the GOP primary to carry his concepts of conservative reform – an odd choice to say the least given the Right’s suspicion of Hizzoner’s socially liberal views. But Gingrich has never been known as a prominent social conservative any may understand better than he lets on that the best chance for him to enact change is through someone else.

I personally like Newt and think he would make an excellent President. But he will have no chance in the general elections: he was demonized too much by the Left, and a lot of it stuck to him. On the other hand, the prosecution of the war is the most important issue for many years to come, and for that Giuliani’s views on abortion and gay marriage are irrelevant. In regard to the current global conflict against Islamism, he is a proven leader and a fighter. Giuliani also has the best chance to win in the general elections. Thus, at this point I prefer him to anybody else.

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The global threat

My co-worker’s mom works at the American school in Romania, where kids of the embassy staff go. So, with his permission I am posting his mom’s e-mail that he got the other day (I am not disclosing his mom’s name of course):

Dear Family and Friends,
We had an emergency meeting after school on Friday. It seems as though the school has received 2 bomb threats in th past week. The first was received before we returned from the holidays and the latest was received 9pm on Thursday evening. In both cases there were very few people on campus. The meeting was to tell us how things would be handled if another was received during the school day. It sounds scary to me. They said they can’t trace the calls since they were placed from a cell phone with a pay as you go card. I’m not sure I want to be here now after hearing this is consider a high risk post. I wish I was told that before moving here in the first place. Hopefully everything will go well and it’s just a prank and this will be the end of it. I also worry because my car has embassy plates on it and maybe that isn’t a safe sign either.
I’m in the middle of writing student reports, which are in complete narrative form and thus it takes forever to complete. I worked all day yesterday on them and will work all day today. Hopefully I will complete them before Monday.
I hope everyone is well and doing fine. I would love to hear from all of you. I will write again once I’ve completed my reports.

Note that the bastards were targeting our embassies long before we went into Iraq. The threat is very serious, global, and we can’t hide from it. However, we can and should confront it.

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