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Continuing to look for wartime leaders

I found this article on New York Sun blog. While it concentrates on the attacks by New York Times against the most electable potential Republican Presidential contender, what is interesting to me is this:

Our favorite is this March 12 1996 editorial on Giuliani’s trip to Jerusalem:

…Unhappily, that is what the Mayor did when he told Israelis on Sunday to be more cautious in their dealings with Yasir Arafat, the Palestinian leader.

“Don’t go romanticizing,” the Mayor warned during his visit to Jerusalem. “Remember if you are asking something of him you need more proof that it is going to be carried out than if you asked that of someone else.” …

The Mayor’s clumsiness does not come entirely as a surprise. Last fall he rudely evicted Mr. Arafat from a Lincoln Center concert during the United Nations’ 50th anniversary commemoration. Such stunts may win points among some of Mr. Giuliani’s conservative Jewish supporters, but they demonstrate why most New Yorkers prefer to leave foreign policy to Presidents and secretaries of state.

Would love to see the Times reprint that editorial today.

So, the article quotes NYT criticizing Giuliani for being skeptical about Oslo Process. By the way, the Russian-speaking Jews often call it “Oslinny process”, since ‘osel’ in Russian means ‘donkey’. But anyway, NYT criticism proves to me that Giuliani is exactly the leader we need to fight this war.

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