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Interesting revelation about James Baker

When many people, including myself, criticized Baker-Hamilton Report, they all thought he was pro-Arab appeaser, dhimmi, isolationist, anti-Semite etc. But it turns out, there is more to it. This is what I found, thanks to Jewish Russian Telegraph:

Former Secretary of State James Baker was involved in a cover-up of illegal trading by his law firm with the regime of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, according to a former contractor who did work for Mr. Baker’s firm.

Mr. Baker used non-Americans to help acquire funds from Iraq in violation of the United Nations embargo and U.S. law, the former contractor said.

Nir Gouaz, an Israeli security veteran, said that in 1999 Mr. Baker’s leading deputy at the law firm of Baker Botts ordered him to destroy all documents that detailed how he obtained from Iraq more than $250 million for a client.

Mr. Baker’s firm has denied Mr. Gouaz’s account.

But the Israeli said he has documents that could destroy Mr. Baker’s reputation. He said he has been angered by Mr. Baker’s attempt to press the Bush administration to impose an anti-Israeli policy in an attempt to win Arab cooperation to help stabilize Iraq. Mr. Baker, appointed by President Bush in 2003 as his envoy to recover debts from Iraq, has also co-chaired the Iraq Study Group, which on Dec. 6 issued 79 recommendations on U.S. policy in Iraq.

“When I heard the Baker recommendations, I couldn’t stand the hypocrisy,” said Mr. Gouaz, president of Caesar Global Securities, who worked for Mr. Baker’s law firm in Washington for two years. “In his eyes, the diplomatic vision for the Middle East is actually an economic vision. A person like that wouldn’t stop at anything to reap profits and dictate to Israel how to behave.”

Mr. Gouaz said he began working for Baker Botts, a leading Washington firm with more than 700 attorneys, in the late 1990s. He was assigned a case by Mr. Baker’s aide, Jeffrey Stonerock, to help recover an $880 million Iraqi debt to South Korea’s Hyundai Engineering, which completed infrastructure projects in Iraq.

As always, I recommend reading it all. What I did not expect was that Baker is corrupt, in addition to being anti-Semitic. But forget Israel, what about United States? Does he really believe that getting out of Iraq now is in the best interest of this country? I guess, it is all just a matter of price for James Baker. Hey, can we pay him enough to be nice to Jews? Forget it, that never works.

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Are your children ready?

This is the question that Tatiana Menaker asks in her article posted at Jewish Russian Telegraph:

ARE YOUR CHILDREN READY?Jewish parents paying bloody money for their kids’ universities, have no clue what is served up there under disguise of education. For four years I had a unique opportunity, as adult student, to observe what kind of education our children are getting. Here are my notes from the Social Science 105 class at San Francisco State University.

Tatiana Menaker (
Jurassic Park of Marxist Israeli Haters.
I badly needed my Soviet dissident-refusenik tough skin to attend Social Science 105 class forced on students as anti-Israel propaganda road show called “Education under Occupation.” It was a Jurassic Park experience to see these Marxist professors, crazy aged ladies, mentally masturbating while looking with psychotic adoration not even at Lev Trotsky, Castro, or Che Gevara, but at a phony Palestinian “freedom fighter.” This Smart Alec, political gigolo, on alert for his aging clientele needs, declared “St-r-r-r-r-uggle!” against Israeli occupation and ladies almost fainted with pleasure. They begged him, saliva dropping from anticipation, for more details of “libe-r-r-r-ration!” heroism and tortures and he more, and more, and more satisfied them improvising tales of his adventures.
The unbearable part of it was that passionate Israel hater, lecturer Debora Gerson, who made it to self-Hating Israel-Threatening Jews national list:, brought her 18-year old students as a part of General Education Social Science 105 class, where she is lecturing. Poor children were disgustingly lied to, and there was no one there to defend them.
It was funny, but Palestinians themselves were not so aggressively anti-Israel as their bloodthirsty liberal Jewish professors. Obviously Palestinians understand the reality of Israel’s existence much better than the educated ignoramuses, blinded by anti-Israel passion. For the Palestinian Arab on the stage Israel was the place where his father went to work and from where he used to bring bread and money. For professor Gerson, the crazy Jew from Jewish Voice for Peace, who organized this circus, Israel is the most significant symbol of hated Judaism she wants to destroy so badly.
Unfortunately, parents who send their children off to American universities can’t imagine grim reality of anti-Israel propaganda bordering with open anti-Semitism on campuses. And guess what? The main sources of most passionate hate against Israel are Jewish International Socialists a.k.a. communists who sometimes represent almost 50% of faculty in many universities, particularly in humanities. Without them after Holocaust no one would make a peep against Jews. Compare the amount of Jewish professors on campuses and the amount of anti-Israeli events and you will find them in direct proportion.

Very few people recognize that these “Jewish” professors are not Jews anymore, they are mutants. Beaten, as Noam Chomsky, by anti-Semites in their childhood, they got scared to be Jews. They became converts and found refuge in International Socialism. They hate Judaism and its sacred symbol Israel as a reason of their childhood suffering. Isaac Bashevis Singer in one of his stories described the whole shtettl stricken by horrible fear after learning that one of them converted. “Everyone knew that converts soon became enemies of Israel and invented all kinds of accusations against their former brethren.”

Read the whole thing. And be worried about what your kids might learn in school. You have to monitor your kids curricula relentlessly, especially the humanitarian subjects. Obviously, math or physics don’t leave much room for brainwashing, but English, Social Studies or Law School have plenty of that. So, beware, if you want to send your kids to Law School.

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Continuing to look for wartime leaders

I found this article on New York Sun blog. While it concentrates on the attacks by New York Times against the most electable potential Republican Presidential contender, what is interesting to me is this:

Our favorite is this March 12 1996 editorial on Giuliani’s trip to Jerusalem:

…Unhappily, that is what the Mayor did when he told Israelis on Sunday to be more cautious in their dealings with Yasir Arafat, the Palestinian leader.

“Don’t go romanticizing,” the Mayor warned during his visit to Jerusalem. “Remember if you are asking something of him you need more proof that it is going to be carried out than if you asked that of someone else.” …

The Mayor’s clumsiness does not come entirely as a surprise. Last fall he rudely evicted Mr. Arafat from a Lincoln Center concert during the United Nations’ 50th anniversary commemoration. Such stunts may win points among some of Mr. Giuliani’s conservative Jewish supporters, but they demonstrate why most New Yorkers prefer to leave foreign policy to Presidents and secretaries of state.

Would love to see the Times reprint that editorial today.

So, the article quotes NYT criticizing Giuliani for being skeptical about Oslo Process. By the way, the Russian-speaking Jews often call it “Oslinny process”, since ‘osel’ in Russian means ‘donkey’. But anyway, NYT criticism proves to me that Giuliani is exactly the leader we need to fight this war.

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It is time to acknowledge: we are at war with Iran

Well, some would argue that Iran has been at war with us since 1979, whether we like it or not. But this is new (via Bill’s Bites):

WASHINGTON — Iran is supporting both Sunni and Shiite terrorists in the Iraqi civil war, according to secret Iranian documents captured by Americans in Iraq.

The news that American forces had captured Iranians in Iraq was widely reported last month, but less well known is that the Iranians were carrying documents that offered Americans insight into Iranian activities in Iraq.

An American intelligence official said the new material, which has been authenticated within the intelligence community, confirms “that Iran is working closely with both the Shiite militias and Sunni Jihadist groups.” The source was careful to stress that the Iranian plans do not extend to cooperation with Baathist groups fighting the government in Baghdad, and said the documents rather show how the Quds Force — the arm of Iran’s revolutionary guard that supports Shiite Hezbollah, Sunni Hamas, and Shiite death squads — is working with individuals affiliated with Al Qaeda in Iraq and Ansar al-Sunna.

Another American official who has seen the summaries of the reporting affiliated with the arrests said it comprised a “smoking gun.” “We found plans for attacks, phone numbers affiliated with Sunni bad guys, a lot of things that filled in the blanks on what these guys are up to,” the official said.

Read the whole article. It seems that Iranian regime is pretty much engaging in clandestine warfare against our forces. When are we going to start fighting back?

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