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Using forged documents is no longer a crime

A fellow Protest Warrior directed me to this from Glenn Beck:

First, a state government in Mexico is reportedly intending to handout portable GPS devices to illegal immigrants this year to help them arrive safely in the United States. No – I am not kidding you. Apparently, the main illegal entry route into Arizona — oh hey, there’s Arizona again! — is actually tough to navigate so they need a little satellite help to get there.

Now, this I can actually understand, even though I don’t like it: it’s their government. But here is a really crazy thing:

But here’s where things get insane. After breaking into the country and using fake documents to secure work, an illegal may soon be able to actually claim social security benefits! A new agreement, if signed by the President, would allow an illegal alien who subsequently becomes legal, to claim benefits for the work they did prior to becoming a citizen. Put another way — we’ll ignore how you got here and how you got your job, as long as you do it the right way later.

Are you outraged yet? Well what if I told you that while most Americans need ten years of work to qualify for benefits — Mexicans would qualify with as little as 18 months of work! NOW are you getting that rage back? I hope so, because our leaders have once again proven that the only way this insanity will end is through the will of the people.

The often used euphemism for illegals is “undocumented aliens”. So, if they are “undocumented”, they work for cash. That is actually the whole incentive for some people to hire them: you can pay them below minimum wage and don’t have to pay any taxes for them. But in this case they don’t pay into the system and cannot claim Social Security benefits. If, on the other hand, they are paying into the system, that means that they do have some sort of documents. But they are illegally in the country! So, they are no longer “undocumented”. Instead, they are “fraudulently documented”. Furthermore, those people often use fake IDs, but real Social Security numbers that belong to somebody else. Thus, they are stealing somebody’s identity. Maybe I am missing something again, but I thought that fraud and identity theft were crimes. Are they not? Or those are not crimes only if you sneak across the border from Mexico?
Back in November of 1989, when my parents and I came to this country, we had to apply for Social Security numbers and then, with a letter from the Social Security Administration, we could go and apply for Medi-Cal. In both cases our documents were thoroughly checked. Is it no longer the case?

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