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Man with Sept 11 links set up flight school | Herald Sun

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I was reading an article on the web, and there was a link to this interesting story on the side: 

US authorities have uncovered a plot to set up a flight training school in the Pacific nation of Kiribati and suspect the man behind it may have had links to September 11 mastermind Mohammed Atta.

Since the plot emerged, Kiribati had asked for Australia’s help to fight terrorism, ABC radio reported today.

The US’  Federal Bureau of Investigations said Wolfgang Bohringer was considered a “person of interest”.

It said Bohringer had close connections with a US flight school used by Atta, who masterminded the plot to hijack passenger planes and fly them into key targets in the United States five years ago, the ABC said.

The scary part of this story seems to overlooked by the original author.  Judging by the name of the suspect, he is a German national.  And by that I don’t just mean someone with a German passport, although that would be bad enough.  But this guy also ethnically German.  That means that, in addition to having a European passport, he also looks European.  His passport allows him to travel pretty much anywhere in the world without any visas, and he will never arouse any suspicion.  We heard for a while that Al Qaeda was trying to recruit non-Middle Eastern operatives.  It looks like they might be succeeding.  It would not take too many of those guys to do a lot of damage.

Link to Man with Sept 11 links set up flight school | Herald Sun

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